Lift Up A Standard Ministries Worldwide

Lift Up A Standard Ministries Worldwide (LUASMW) is a para-church ministry founded by Dr. Curtis S. Redmon to meet the need for churches to be empowered with biblical knowledge and practical understanding of such knowledge (as related to ministry). Since its inception, in March of 1992, the mission of LUASMW has been diligent evangelism, exaltation of worship unto the Lord Jesus Christ, global establishment of churches and ministries, and instruction for the Body of Christ in various ministries within and outside church walls. Through numerous seminars, workshops, evangelistic events, and practical ministry application, LUASMW is accomplishing its purpose. As a promoter and resource of information, motivation, and inspiration LUASMW has experienced a measure of success in biblical instruction through the Standard Institute for Ministry Training International, Inc., eevoking social change in communities locally and globally.

The purpose and mission of the Ministry is expressed through the following ministries:

  • “The Practical Church Series” is five books authored by Dr. Curtis Redmon that provide insight to the reader into various ministries in the church in a practical and brief approach. Anointed Praise - The Ministry of Music in the Church Today; What About the Children - The Ministry of the Sunday School; Just Servants- The Ministry of the Deacon and the Usher; Chosen- The Ministry of the Pastor the Preacher and the Minister=s Wife; and Ruling Well- Leadership in the Church Today.
  • “The Practical Church” Conferences/Seminars/Workshops are informational, motivational, and inspirational instruction on the Evangelistic, Missions, Music, Deacon, Sunday school, Usher, Administration, Finance, Men, Women, Youth, Preaching, Leadership, Praise & Worship and Pastorate ministries in the church.
  • Evangelistic Crusades and Revivals are the cornerstones of the Ministry. Fulfilling the mandate of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to AGo ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature@ (Mark 16:15), Lift Up A Standard Ministries Worldwide conducts crusades and revival services around the world in order to participate in the gathering of the end time harvest which is so plenteous. The goals of the Crusades are to preach the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, thereby, bringing in souls into the Kingdom, which enables church planting and church growth around the globe. Through the preached word, evangelistic concerts, and other evangelistic endeavors, souls are won to the Master and are placed in the local church for discipleship.
  • The Standard Institute for Ministry Training International, Inc., is a school for ministry training founded by Dr. Curtis Redmon. Its goals are to provide a practical application and approach to ministry. Students will learn in an accelerated course the biblical meaning and approach to their ministry. This instructional program now offers training in Sunday School teaching, Preaching, Deacon, Finance, Evangelism, Missions, Music, Administration, Usher, Praise & Worship, Youth ministries and Church History.
  • The Reliability of the Bible Tours are extraordinary, culturally enriching, and spirit-filled teachings imparted, on site, in countries with biblical significance: Israel, Greece, and Italy (Rome). These various sites become alive as you walk the lands and experience biblical and cultural history. Participants are inspired, refreshed, and enlightened and enriched whenever they join such life-changing tours.
  • Lift Up A Standard Ministries International Fellowship, Inc., is a nonprofit nondenominational organization composed by a conglomerate of churches joint together to exalt worship, evangelize, plant churches, have systematic biblical instruction, and evoke social change. Bishop Curtis S. Redmon, D. Min., who presently serves as its Prelate and General Overseer, founded the Fellowship in 2005. The Fellowship’s headquarters is at Worship Center International in Cambria Heights, NY (USA), where the pastors are Bishop Dr. Curtis S. Redmon and Rev. Tyrina K. Thompson; with local and global affiliates including Soaring Eagles Prophetic Ministries (Worship Center International), Savannah, GA (Pastors Douglas and Patricia Smith); Unbroken Faith Ministries, Savannah, GA (Pastor Marvin Fowler); One Source Worship Center, Charlotte, NC (Pastor Andrew Reed); Praise and Deliverance Sanctuary (Worship Center International), Coast Guard, Grenada (Pastor Lauriston S. Hosten), Azariah Assembly (Worship Center International), St. George’s, Grenada (Pastor Damion Alexander) and Victorious Church International Worship Center International, Tilburg, Netherlands (Pastor Eddie Kwapong).
  • Bridge Ministries International, Inc., is a bilingual ministry under LUASMW founded by Tyrina K. Thompson and Dr. Curtis Redmon to “bridge the gap” between the English and Spanish speaking communities. The focus of this outreach is to provide resources to assist with gaining knowledge and understanding between the English and Spanish speaking cultures for community partnerships and collaboration. Resources offered by BRIDGE ministries include translation services as well as consultations.

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