WCI Ministries



Wellness Of Mothers & Babies (W.O.M.B) was designed to empower women to maximize their potential to function at a higher level in their roles as expecting mothers and mothers through spiritual, physical, and mental balance. Our aim is to benefit babies by helping mothers maintain an overall wellbeing through recommendations for positive lifestyle changes, and parenting aids.


WCI embraces the maintenance and promotion of health as sources for daily life. We offer organized Health Forums, with an emphasis on nutrition. We also implemented the neighborhood “Prayer Walk”, during the months of July and August, as a form of exercise as we power walk while praying for the community. We continue to enhance our health program to educate, encourage, and assist people to adopt an active role in preserving their health to prevent diseases and increase physical capabilities to enjoy an improved life.


We recognize the need for men in the Kingdom of God, in the home, and in the community. Therefore, it is essential that men are supported, schooled and sanctioned for success.

Our motive is to ensure their achievement through consistent platforms of informative sessions, programs, and fellowship among the brotherhood aiming to meet their needs and supplying tools for spiritual, individual, and marketplace success.


Today's woman is very complex. Our ministry to women is committed to touch the varied aspects of their lives. We share information from simplistic as fashion savvy to more elaborate topics such as of finances, relationships, family, ministry and destiny.

We equip women to maintain wholeness in the diverse stages of life as they remain rooted in God, the source of life.


Bridge Ministries International, Inc., is a bilingual ministry under LUASMW founded by Tyrina K. Thompson and Dr. Curtis Redmon to “bridge the gap” between the English and Spanish speaking communities. The main focus of this outreach is to provide resources to assist with gaining knowledge and understanding between the English and Spanish speaking cultures for community partnerships and collaboration.



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