Our Missions

Church Planting

Our mission endeavors include global church planting and philanthropic efforts. Ministries and communities in Europe, Central America, The Caribbean, Africa and the USA have benefited from the Worship Center International’s parishioners and partners who desire to participate in reaching the lost and impoverish by developing individuals through church planting and social change.

“Change the World”

“Change the World” is an annual fundraiser for world missions. Individuals pledge, contribute, and save their coins from each day’s monetary transactions and present their collected change at our annual Mission’s Day Cultural Exchange event in the month of September. Part of the “Change the World” contributions is used to build “Resource Centers” in other countries. Such resource centers are designed to benefit the community with assistance in various self-help programs, ministry tools, teachings of English as a second language, charm schools, libraries, tutorials, after-school programs, and housing for conferences and educational forums.

Missionary Edna Jean Jackson Scholarship Fund

It is our founder’s desire to see more missionaries on the foreign fields. His hope is that youth are inspired to participate in missionary endeavors at an early age, as a means of motivation to consider the mission field as a lifetime career. The late Missionary Edna Jean Jackson desired to assist youth in traveling to foreign fields for missionary purposes; hence, the name of this scholarship. To date, many youth have benefited from this scholarship and have traveled internationally (multiple times) to countries in Europe, Asia, Central America, South America, The Caribbean, and Africa.

This scholarship program has also assisted youth globally to further their education in higher learning institutions, learn English as a second language, and ministry enhancement through conferences, seminars, and other learning forums.

Gomez, Smith and Evora-Durant Parsonage and Seniors Home

It was our founder’s dream to have a place for retired pastors, traveling missionaries, and seniors to have a peaceful and spiritual environment to reside. This dream was fulfilled in 2007 through the philanthropy of Bishop Trifosia Evora-Durant who gifted a property, located in Copiague, NY to assist Worship Center International in this area of ministry.


Once host of the Empowered Church For Today conference, Panama has been not only a gateway to the world, but a point of gathering for churches to receive exciting teachings, biblical instruction, youth rallies, evangelistic services, and accelerated biblical instruction, through Lift Up A Standard Ministries Worldwide and The Standard Institute for Ministry Training International (The Standard Institute). For over a decade the Standard Institute, through its Panama extension, continues to enhance pastors and laymen alike by providing practical and specialized training.


Hosted by Lift Up A Standard Ministries Worldwide, Inc. and the Standard Institute For Ministry Training International, the “Holy Land” comes to life with the powerful teachings of Dr. Curtis Redmon. Such extraordinary, exceptional, and spirit-filled teachings are imparted as you experience Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus; Nazareth, His hometown; Galilee, His ministry territory; the Sea of Galilee, the site of many miracles; Jordan, the place of His baptism and where numerous participants are baptized; the Garden of Gethsemane, the place of the Lord’s plea; Masada, Herod’s fort; the Garden Tomb, the place of the Resurrection; and Mt. Olivet, the place of His ascension. These various sites become alive as you walk the land of the Bible. Participants are inspired, refreshed, and enlightened whenever they join this awesome tour to the “Holy Land”.


Lift Up A Standard Ministries Worldwide, Inc. arrived in the beautiful country of Grenada in 2006. Through the Standard Institute For Ministry Training International, Dr. Curtis Redmon shared his wealth of wisdom in ministry training and biblical instruction, with several churches and pastors. This association sparked a mutual fondness between WCI and Grenada. WCI is now active in various capacities such as: sponsorship to Bel-Air Orphanage, conferences, which include excellent tour sites; concerts, continued ministry training and instruction; and the Resource Center building project. Lift Up A Standard Ministries International Fellowship now has two affiliate churches in Grenada, Praise and Deliverance Sanctuary (Worship Center International), pastored by Lauriston Hosten, in Coast Guard; and Azariah Assembly (Worship Center International) pastored by Damian Alexander, in St. Georges.


From a seed of relationship which began over 15 years ago during the evangelistic endeavors of Dr. Curtis Redmon in Italy; the Latter Glory International Ministries, pastored by Charles Affram, has flourished and is a thriving ministry impacting the region of Reggio Emilia. Thanks to the philanthropic efforts and support to this great ministry (e.g. conferences, training, gospel concerts), LUASMW and WCI positively influence the lives of the Italian community; whereas, today the Latter Glory International Ministries boasts with a thriving congregation and a strong ministry.

United States

Worship Center International (LUASMW) has been providing ministry resources throughout the United States. Such resources include fundraising, biblical instruction, ministry training, and conferences in diverse religious and secular areas. WCI also conducts and promotes international missions assisting a number of international organizations, denominations, and churches in building physical structures as well as spiritual structures. Its strong missions emphasis also assist in sending food, clothing and supplies to orphanages, missions, and other impoverished areas globally. The WCI outreach efforts also reach into the secular through special programs addressed to empower individuals and evoke social change in many communities.

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