Worship Center International offers young adults acceptance, artistic expression, and answers to some of life’s compelling crossroads during various challenging periods of life. We allow and assign diverse methods to carry the unchanging message of Jesus Christ in an environment of extraordinary fellowship and empowerment. Our goal is to be a resource center where the new generation is informed, inspired, and motivated to become empowered spiritually and educated academically, politically, and socially, while aggressively fulfilling their purpose and destiny.


Worship Center International reserves a special love and responsibility for children and young people. Our Christian Learning Center (CLC) allows us to positively influence the lives of youth ages 3-17 and purposefully prepare them for their future. Through the use of music, arts, crafts, and instruction, our young people are exposed to Biblical truths as well as the mission, beliefs and vision of our assembly. "CLC is where the minds of our youth are stimulated to break barriers and embrace truthful and traditional freedom without compromise."

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